Zdenek Ondrášek

FC Tromsø * ad campaign portraits

There are challenge and strong will to win. After a downgrade last season the team has to win back their place in Norwegian professional football league this year. The players show their readiness to do whatever it entails to succeed.

Devotion. Competition.  Only Victory.

They are fighters. This is a clear Promise!

Taxi Driver - Din Taxi Tromsø

Din Taxi Photo Library

Here are a few photos of the one-day project, which was to create a photo library for a taxi company in Tromsø. The aim was to present the  Din Taxi driver as a good and helpful person, open and cheerful employee who truly cares for the passengers as well as to express a high level service and prop up the company motto “Caring for our passengers”.

Four models, 50mm and good natural daylight. 

Braille code


Girls Walking In Step

Old Man Sitting on a Chair

Four Snapshots of Charlotte Nystad

She’s a promising engineer, charming and very good at posing for photos.

Young girl and the piper on the hill


She’s holding heavy burden in her arms.
She’s young and beautiful.
Caryatid, you see the future,
Please, tell me what you see!
I want to know if I am still
alive or dead like many others.

Three Imaginary Figures

Three imaginary figures are standing in front of a mansion.
No sense. No value. No mention.
Three imaginary figures are dreaming their dreams.
No connection. No relation. No seams.