Boy Reading a Book

Man in a cowboy hat

Reflection in the mirror

How often the image of ourselves that we have does not match the one seen from the outside. How often judgement that the others do about us feels mistaken. Lack of objectivity makes us dwell between other people’s image of us and that comfortable “us in the mirror” that we are used to see.

Life after all looks like a ridiculous theatre, like a cheap play that sometimes does’t make any sense at all. And again you do your make up and put on your mask. There you stand caught in the mirror, ready to come on the stage.

Standing by the barbed wire fence

Living by the Sea is a beautiful concept. Huge waves breaking against the rocks, a small home far away from the nearest city, here by the lighthouse on the long lonely shore. A boat, a bike, a dog, a wife and a couple of friends that come here every winter.

Here is the Facebook(c) to share and get updated on the latest crap, blog, newspapers, football online if coverage allows it.

Best beer in the fridge, shrimps and a compact camera just to shoot from time to time.This is where the Happiness lives. Go get it.

A Backlit Portrait

Off the Shoulder

Now as I begin to more and more often remember _that_ time, the pictures help me a lot in coming back to the past. Feeling a bit nostalgic.. a bit black&white. Weird, maybe? ..even strange. Something untold, something undone, unfinished.

Typewriter was superseded by the computer, the film does not anylonger find a place in the photobag. Gigabytes of digital shit won’t be ever printed on the photo paper. Electronic photo frames are beatifully hanging on our walls. Hail to the Future!

Life on Mars? Yes, I still believe there is life on Mars. Does it make any difference? Obviously not.

Portrait of Nadja Mikhalchik + Autumn Leaves

Stefan Tell – photographer in Stockholm

Swedish photographer Stefan Tell shows high quality portraits, opens the veil and shares knowledge on his blog http://www.stefantell.se/blog/Good pictures and very inspiring reading!

Gran Canaria. Summer Paradise in December.